Hello World

Hello World!

I seriously don't know what to put here. This website is here because I bought the domain and I don't want it go to waste. Let's just talk about the nuts and bolts about this website in this post because I don't have another idea.

I'm using GatsbyJS to build this blog. Since I'm new to that, I'm following this Creating a Blog with Gatsby and Migrate from Hugo to Gatsby tutorial, although I don't really migrate from Hugo, it still contains some useful bits that I can learn and then use.

GatsbyJS uses React, a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. I used it before, so the concept is not that new to me. The result is a Single-Page Application (SPA), with navigation handled in the client browser. That is why the navigation feels different (and fast!).

A SPA usually does not work without JavaScript enabled, because it relies on rendering the page in the browser with JavaScript, but this one does fallback nicely without JavaScript enabled. It works by generating static version of every page on build time, just like old-school static site generator.

As a bonus, it even works without an internet connection. Try refreshing this page without an internet connection. Usually, setting up a stuff like that takes a while and might not even be worth your time. But GatsbyJS has a plugin for that and it's as simple as adding one-liner to the config file to enable it, very neat.